Clubbing of Income


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Assessment Year: 2021-22

Course access will expire on: 31/12/2021



  • Learn and understand the provisions relating to clubbing of income.
  • No pre-recorded video or audio, we are Redefining the concept of learning through NextGen tools.
  • Interactive learning or Activity based learning, Makes learning fun!
  • Any Time Anywhere learning
  • Your learning your pace
  • Focused on giving understanding to the concept rather than spoon-feeding!
  • Online text is provided for reading. However, don’t forget to take Activities.
  • Participate in the Income-tax group and forum for peer discussion
  • Raise questions before the instructor.
  • You can view each Activity 3 times within course expiry date.
  • Rest assured that you will get ample time to complete (and revise) each unit.
  • Though, our system supports small devices too. For best view, we recommend viewing on laptop or desktop with our distraction-free full-screen mode.
  • Obviously, decent speed internet is required.
  • The course is for students of CA / CS / CMA at intermediate level and for a student at graduation level.
  • Respect intellectual rights. We do not provide any printout or save option
  • Last date of completion of the course: 31/12/2021

By the time you’re finished with this course, you’re going to feel a lot more confident.

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